Nina Miranda: a British-Brazilian Mash-up

Nina Miranda, the British-Brazilian singer-songwriter and visual artist, has assembled Concrete Samba, a super-talented band for her new live project, which is launching this Thursday, 14th of November, from 7pm at Paper Dress Vintage (112 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AH).

Concrete Samba combines the best of two musical worlds to create one that’s new and unique. It reflects Nina’s dual cultural identity and upbringing, which is divided between Rio de Janeiro and London. The band is formed by Anselmo Netto (percussion), Luiz Morais (acoustic guitar), Charlie Jackson (Bass) and Richie Barrett (guitar). Their work takes inspiration from Pentangle and Kinks, Sergio Mendes and Gal Costa, while combining the Brazilian melodic sophistication with an outsiderish British pop sensibility.

As well as great music, the night will also have the screening of a film, comedy, story-telling and much more. Nina is thinking about making paper dresses to wear on stage to symbolize the fact that no show, gig or concert are ever the same. Hence, the fragile dress would last only for one night.

This promises to be a very enjoyable night, full of human-interaction. Nina’s work is marked by a creativity that borders geniality, so do expect some good surprises. In 1997, at the height of the hit “Underwater Love”, her dual upbringing was highlighted during an interview and she was asked about which country she felt at home: England or Brazil? Without any hesitation or hang ups, she answered that the World was where she felt at home.

Underwater Love – Smoke City

Nina Miranda started her career with the band Smoke City. In 1997, their song “Underwater Love” was used in a Levi’s TV advertisement and became a big hit.

Zeep: Elasticated Master Peace

Ghost Town- Isso não Da

Zeep “Abstrata”

com da Lata: Ronco da Cuica

Smoke city- Joga Bossa aguas de Março

Chris and Nina- Agua


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