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Flavia Coelho photographed by Bernard Benant

Flavia Coelho releases “Mundo Meu” (My World)

Flavia Coelho’s second album “Mundo Meu” is soon to be released. The Brazilian singer and songwriter, residing in Paris since 2006, will also be performing at London’s Rich Mix on the 18th of May. The album comes with the participation of guests such as the Sierra Leonean-German singer-songwriter Patrice, the cult-rapper Speech (Arrested Development), Tony […]

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Trem Tan Tan

A Trip that has lasted 10 years: Train Tan Tan is on the track for Social Inclusion

Until the 80s there was a train taking patients with mental illnesses from the city of Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, to be locked up in the big mental asylum in the town of Barbacena. This train was given the nickname of “Trem Tan Tan”. But now mental institutions in […]

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Afunaka’s Rorogwela: Sweet Lullaby from the Solomon Island sold as Pygmy music

Although Rorogwella gained popularity in 1992, when released by Deep Forest as a techno-dance music, it was first recorded in 1969 by the ethnomusicologist Hugo Zampin as a vocal sample. It was sung by Afunakwa, a Northern Malaita women from the Solomon Islands. In 1973, Rorogwela was released in a LP as part of UNESCO’s […]

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