Sounds of Brazil in London

With the World Cup kicking off and the Olympics in a couple of years, Brazil has never been so much in the news. If you haven’t managed to get your tickets to watch the beautiful game in Brazil, you can still get  a feel of the tropics in London.

From the 12th of June to the 13th of July, Shoreditch will be hosting the “JOGA BOLA! A Brazilian cultural festival”. The free event, at the heart of London’s East End,  brings  an eclectic line up of contemporary Brazilian music, a specially commissioned Brazilian street-art installation, independent film screenings, theatre and football screenings.

The headlines included the post-tropicalist band Graveola, the alternative-pop act Tulipa and Mega Bo. Da Lata, who is celebrating their 20th Aniversary will come with their mix of afro-Brazilian music and soul-jazz  as former Smoke City songstress Nina Miranda debuts her new live band project.

Giles Peterson, the former BBC DJ and specialist in Brazilian music, will present a special DJ inspired by his recently releases Sonzeira/ Brasil Bam Bam Bam album project. Other high calibre presence include The Fontanas with their funky samba rock, the traditional Northeastern music by Pe-De-Jurema, the long running Maracatu Estrela do Norte. There is also a chance to witness authentic choro style from Rio with Clube Do Choro, who perform in a ‘roda’ playing cavaquinhos, an instrument with the same origins as the ever so popular Ukelele.

Further details can be found at

Maracatu Estrela do Norte


Clube do Choro

Pe de Jurema

Da Lata


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