Nina Miranda Feature Image

Freedom of Movement: New Album from Nina Miranda

The timing for the release of the new album from Nina Miranda couldn’t have been better. The theme couldn’t have been more current. Freedom of Movement is a celebration of new connections, open doors and bridges in contrast to a world under the threat of becoming more isolationist. Having been brought up in Brazil, UK and […]

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Zeca Pagodinho Live in London

Zeca Pagodinho, the charismatic Sambista, who headlined the Rio Olympics opening ceremony (alongside Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso), is coming to London this Tuesday, 29 November. His concert, in Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, coincides with the celebrations of 100 years of samba. Zeca started his career as a child in the 1970s and became a regular […]

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Brazil: Music and Politics

How to party when there is a climate of sadness? It was with this question in mind that I arrived at the festivities of Brazil Day, in London, on the 10th of September. What were we really celebrating in a moment when basic rights are been taken away from Brazilians by an illegitimate government? When crooks have […]

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Mardi Grass, New Orleans 2015 photo by Dylan Garcia

NOLA: The Roots of Music: Part One

Every place has a distinctive feel. This sensation is the strongest during the first few minutes of arriving there. Perhaps everything gets intensified after spending so many hours in an air tight cabin. In New Orleans, the first sensation I felt was the unusual soft sound of something that was just like big raindrops falling […]

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Youssou N'Dour at WOMAD 2014 by Dylan Garcia

The Best Festival Ever: WOMAD 2014

I am gladly taking the risk of saying that WOMAD has to be the best Music Festival in Britain. This year, a record-breaking total of around 40 thousand people got together to celebrate music and dance from around the world. This has also to be the most truly multi-cultural party in the planet. People from […]

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Nina Miranda, Paper Dresses, (112 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AH)., 14th of November, 7pm,

Nina Miranda: a British-Brazilian Mash-up

Nina Miranda, the British-Brazilian singer-songwriter and visual artist, has assembled Concrete Samba, a super-talented band for her new live project, which is launching this Thursday, 14th of November, from 7pm at Paper Dress Vintage (112 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AH). Concrete Samba combines the best of two musical worlds to create one that’s new and […]

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Mokoomba at the backstage of Womad 2013

Mokoomba: The Zimbabwean Wave taking over Europe

I first saw Mokoomba giving a taste of their work at the backstage of this year’s WOMAD. They were singing a capella track called Kambowa in Tonga language. But even with such a modest performance, they were already showing something special and unique. The six guys from the Zimbabwean band were relaxed and natural, while […]

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The Legendary Gilberto Gil at WOMAD 2013

This year’s WOMAD, one of the biggest World Music Festivals, is packed with the very best. One big highlight is Gilberto Gil, the Brazilian musician with a long history of political activism. Gil is one of the main minds behind the Tropicalia musical movement, which was not just about art, but also a witty and […]

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Ready to board?

“World Music” is such a misnomer. What is “World Music” after all? Could not every music be considered as “World Music”? From the perspective of  big record companies based in the United States and United Kingdom, “World Music” is everything that is not American or British. It is another synonymous for “Exotic”. Something played in […]

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Afunaka’s Rorogwela: Sweet Lullaby from the Solomon Island sold as Pygmy music

Although Rorogwella gained popularity in 1992, when released by Deep Forest as a techno-dance music, it was first recorded in 1969 by the ethnomusicologist Hugo Zampin as a vocal sample. It was sung by Afunakwa, a Northern Malaita women from the Solomon Islands. In 1973, Rorogwela was released in a LP as part of UNESCO’s […]

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Graceland – From breaking a boycott to rocket launching World Music

“These are the days of miracle and wonder… This is a long distance call…” Graceland could have been a historical disaster and the end of Paul Simon’s career. Instead, it became a bridge over trouble waters. The highly controversial album brought many South African’s musicians to the world’s attention, such as Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Youssou […]

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Brasil Day in Trafalgar Square, London, August 08 2015, by Ronise Nepomuceno

Brasil Day 2015: A Real Carnival in Trafalgar Square

What a party! Brasil Day 2015 was organised by the Brazilian Embassy in London as an early celebration of the 2016 Olympic Games taking place in Rio de Janeiro. The free event gave a perfect taste about the vibrant Brazilian culture. A Beach Volleyball pitch was set up in front of the National Gallery, while […]

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