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Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba: from Domestic Servant to Mama Africa

—– If alive today, Miriam Makeba would be turning 81, in case you missed the tribute paid to her through this week’s Google Doodle. The  South African singer is considered the voice of World Music. During the 60s she had her South African passport cancelled and was prevented from returning home following her overseas travels. […]

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Unpredictable weather with the band “Previsão do Tempo”

One of the joys of writing about independent music is to find bands that are not following any of the industry’s old formulas. They are there together doing music for the sake of doing music and that’s their motivation. Invariably, their work is full of originality. One of these bands is the ” Previsão do Tempo”, […]

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Clube da Esquina cover album

The Corner Club: 40 years of music and poetry

One of the most poetical musical movements in Brazil, if not the most, has reached 4 decades. The Corner Club (O Clube da Esquina) was a music collective from the state of Minas Gerais, the mountaineous region famous for its gold and precious stones during the colonial period. Clube da Esquina started in 1963 when […]

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