Unpredictable weather with the band “Previsão do Tempo”

Banda Previsao do Tempo

One of the joys of writing about independent music is to find bands that are not following any of the industry’s old formulas. They are there together doing music for the sake of doing music and that’s their motivation. Invariably, their work is full of originality. One of these bands is the ” Previsão do Tempo”, which translates as the “Weather Forecast”. For a start, the band’s formation includes musicians whose ages vary  between 18 and 51, crossing the age groups manufactured by advertising and bridging the gap between generations. But it is not only in regards to age group that “Previsão do Tempo” puts itself outside the box.

By not sticking to any pre-determined style, they refuse to constrain their work within the boundaries of  musical tribalism. Using a lots of improvisation, the band goes with the wind and  play a bit of everything: Samba, Rock, Jazz, Blues… Just like the weather, unpredictability is their trade mark and they do so with plenty of grace and elegance.

The band is formed by  Camila Rocha (Bass and vocals), Victor Coelho (drums), Marcelo Dias (Sax, harmonica and vocals) and  Mundin Rocha (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals ). They have been playing together professionally since 2008. The veteran Mundim Rocha worked with different bands during the 90s and met Marcelo Dias and Victor Coelho at the School of Music of the UEMG (Universidade Estadual de Minas Gerais). Camila Rocha, a piano student from the  renowned Fundação de Educação Artística, is the youngest band member at the age of 18.

Nada (Nothing)

Guardados (Keeps)

“Previsão do Tempo” Official Links




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