Bebel Gilberto’s summer album: Tudo

“Tudo”, the first album of Bebel Gilberto in 5 years, was released last month. The multi-grammy nominated singer songwriter is back with an elegant blend of bossa nova, samba, jazz and pop.

“Somewhere Else”, the opening song of her new album, which she sings in Portuguese and English, has a nostalgic hint and a cool and contemporary feel, all at the same time. “Novas Ideias”, a catchy and sly samba performed in a duet with her co-writer Seu Jorge, is uplifting and refreshing. On her interpretation of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon”, she gives a gentle bossa nova beat that reminds me of the ethereal arrangements of the ‘Clube da Esquina” songs.   Such combination floats along with her soothing and sensual voice.

In the performance of  the title song “Tudo”, her voice shows the peculiar signature that is unique to each family. It is possible to hear in Bebel’s voice, that melancholic, played down and balanced timbre of her father Joao Gilberto mixed with the open and relaxed timbre of her mother, the singer Miucha.

Bebel Gilberto also brings some classics back to life, such as “Saudade Vem Correndo” by Luiz Bonfa, a song immortalized by the 1963 Stan Getz album “Jazz Samba encore”.She says about her new album:

“A good part of the album was recorded in LA, and you really feel that lighter, brighter west coast vibe in the music, mixed in with my darker ‘New Yorker’ feelings. Tudo means ‘everything’ and as a Brazilian, I feel everything and live every moment deeply, and wanted to sing about each little moment, emotion, idea, melody that has been part of my life over the past year. I am loving life and living more passionately than ever and wanted to share all that!”



The full review of the album can be seen at Crossover Media

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