Titane: Spilling talent

I first met Titane during a vocal improvisation workshop at the Fundação de Educação Artística, a music school in the city of Belo Horizonte, back in the late 80s. Belo Horizonte is the capital of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The Fundação is much more than a music school. It is a creative gathering point, where professionals worked together with aspiring artists to produce truly inspirational work. Many of the well established musicians from Minas Gerais have passed through that school. I was the kid in the classroom having some fun while trying to find out what I wanted to be when growing up. Titane was already a recognized singer, who had just launched her first record “Titane”. As a person, she impressed me by her openness and calm. These characteristics have remained throughout her work.

Earlier this year, Titane launched a new album inspired on the cultural influences from Africa in Minas Gerais: “Titane e o Campo das Vertentes”. With songs composed by Sérgio Pererê, Makely Ka, Luiz Tatit, Beto Guedes, João Bosco and Aldir Blanc, Titane puts together a hybrid collection, mixing traditional forms of music with more contemporary expressions.

“Titane e o Campo das Vertentes” accompanies a show with the same name, bringing together professional and aspiring artists on the stage.

In the clip below, Titane talks about the show herself:


“The idea was to create an space where the people who felt as artists could experience the day by day of an artist. Not by copying or practising established methods, but by discovering, developing their most personal inspirations and building up their own artistic language.

The initial idea was to provide a workshop to select 5 people who could act with me on the stage, but the demand surprised me a lots. Too many people signed up and we decided to widen up our offer by creating modules of art. The idea worked very well. This first experience happened in Belo Horizonte and then I decided to call everybody. I invited my contributors to repeat the experience in the countryside of Minas Gerais. But why in the countryside of Minas Gerais? Because I was always certain that there are a number of people who want to practice art there, but they need encouragement. In the countryside, there are few opportunities and a small access to shows. Encouragement and experimentation is almost non existent in the countryside, a place that is full of talent. If it was not full of talent, we would not have seen so many manifestations of folklore.

The workshops were organised by 4 experienced professionals, who were also well recognised in their fields. They are Joao das Never, Theatre Directors, Irene Zibiani, Body and Movement Coach and the composer Sergio Perere who worked with me on the musical direction, rhythmic preparation. We use techniques that are normally used to prepare the artist before getting to the stage. Our proposal does not finish with the workshop, or in classroo. It goes beyond that, it invites to putting a show together. This way, we presented the idea and at the end we put a show together, which is Titane e o Canto das Vertentes. The show’s première was in the Palacio das Artes and brought together professional artists and aspiring artists. Is this possible? Yes, the resulting show is a show that promotes a collective creation of the music and musical experience.”

We came out with a show that recognises the musical traditions from Minas Gerais, especially those of African influences, but at the same time is a contemporary show. Our choice of composers was very important. We invited Sergio Perere and Makely Ka, who are young authors taking inspiration from the whole world. They also take inspiration from the past and produce music that is hybrid and consistent. They demonstrate the musical diversity we have in the world of today.”

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3 Responses to “Titane: Spilling talent”

  1. É a maior cantora brasileira. Jorge Guimarães SP

  2. Regina Celi de Oliveira Maia Reply November 1, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    Grande saudade dessa pessoa linda! que voz! que talento! Grande beijo prô cê Titane!


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