Mick Jagger meets the Queen of the night

Two different artists with equal talent. Two different styles with equal strength.  Here we have Edson Cordeiro, a singer capable of reaching from Baritone to Soprano notes creating an explosive fusion with rock-roll star Cassia Eller. In this justaposition of Mozart’s Queen of the Night from the Opera The Magic Flute with Mick Jagger’s Satisfaction, he  is making the female voice while Cassia Eller sings  the male voice. This vibrant duet sometimes takes the form of a duel with no winners or losers. Their performance reflects the common points between Mozart and Mick Jagger: playfulness, rebellion, energy, irreverence.

Edson Cordeiro’s record  was produced in 1992 and the video clip on this page was his first TV appearance. An eclectic artist with a vast reportoire, Cordeiro has won several prizes including a Latin Grammy award in 2006. Cassia Eller, who died in 2001 at the tender age of 39 of heart disease, marked the Brazilian music with her deep and husky singing voice. In 1999, her record  Com Voce … Meu Mundo Ficaria Completo was nominated as best brazilian rock album and earned her a Latin Grammy Award.

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