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Mauricio Tizumba

Tizumba: rescuing and valuing Afro-Brazilian culture

I have planned to write about Tizumba since the first edition of Berimbaudrum. I could never get away with talking about the Music from Minas Gerais, without talking about Maurício Tizumba. When I met him during the Freshers week at Fafi-BH in 1990, we could all see that there was more to that musician. His broad smile […]

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Trem Tan Tan

A Trip that has lasted 10 years: Train Tan Tan is on the track for Social Inclusion

Until the 80s there was a train taking patients with mental illnesses from the city of Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, to be locked up in the big mental asylum in the town of Barbacena. This train was given the nickname of “Trem Tan Tan”. But now mental institutions in […]

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Graveola and the Polyphonic Trash (Graveola e o Lixo Polifonico)

Unsuspected Treasure: Graveola and the Polyphonic Trash

What kind of band would give themselves such a long name and refer to their own music as trash? Well, we can’t make generalizations here, but “Graveola and the Polyphonic Trash (Graveola e o lixo polifonico)” is formed by the type of artists that truly enjoy what they are doing. As such, they can afford […]

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